Spring is here

It is mid February already and this new year is already going by quickly.  I have been busy with new work and very excited about the different directions my art is taking me.  

On sunny days I need to take photos.  I love the colours of winter/spring in England and the brilliant light we have in Somerset, set off by the warm greys, orange/rusts and olive greens of the landscape.   The immaculately pruned hedgerows are amazing, and the low sun in the afternoon and empty fields with wonderful 'manmade' marks constantly inspire me.


A new toy

I have been having some fun lately with drawing and painting on my ipad in a program called Paper by Fifty Three and the new stylus with interesting results.  While it will never replace the immediate feeling of connection - pen/pencil/paintbrush through your hand to the paper or canvas, -  it is fun.  The nuance and subtlety is gone (I need more practise I think) but the results are very graphic and could be interesting.  

Creative Ideas

In my last post I mentioned the possibility of adding some creative explorations for consideration in future posts.  I am working on some ideas to share and have had some positive feedback about this.  Just to add that this would not be an online course, but be working suggestions that you might take on board to help with your own art and stitched textiles in the future. Presented in a PDF format that could be downloaded, there will be some short exercises that might enhance your own practise. These would address - inspiration, looking and seeing, design, composition, collage and fine art considerations.  Less about surface or stitch techniques but more about creativity and design fundamentals.  So  watch this space.....

Thanks for reading and I will be back soon.

There are many programs for ipads and tablets worth investigating.  Many are free with interesting results.


This piece was based on a still life from the regular art class that I attend.