Alive and well and living in Somerton

It has been too long... apologies!!.  
Settling in nicely to life in Somerset and love our new home.  I still have boxes to unpack but have been managing to get really inspired by the landscape in this part of England.  So historic as well !!,  Very near to the ancient seat of Avalon... King Arthur and all, - Glastonbury and the 'tor', and Wells Cathedral - on the doorstep.  The Somerset levels are also very near.... a perfect blend of history, nature and the rural idyll of the west country.

Many of these wide landscapes and big skies have inspired some current work in black and white. The colours are so subtle in winter, yet the shapes of trees are  magnificent. Converting images to black and white is often the first thing I do with photos.  It is possible then to really see shapes and detail in black and white.  Too much colour for me sometimes gets in the way.
I am excited by a combination of mark-making and photo images, and this piece reminded me of the floods in many of the areas of Somerset and beyond this winter.  

Other Textile news....
After a little break from any work for the last couple of months, I am inspired and busy creating new pieces.  A recent exhibition called Chinese Whispers by Studio 21 at a stitch textile show in Birmingham at the NEC, gave me a chance to do a piece based on sound and ice.  Using some images and marks made to sound, I researched the sound waves of ice breaking and combined the shapes together to create this small piece called "The Last Silence".  I am excited about more pieces on this theme and the Studio 21 will be having a large exhibition in October at South Hill Park, Bracknell.  We are planning some workshops, and events during that time.  Watch this space for more news.

Finally, a wonderful view of the Murmuration of starlings a few weeks ago.  Just before dawn when they all flock to an area on the Somerset Levels to roost, you can see the moving patterns in the sky of thousands of birds.... the most wondeful sight.

Until next time.....                   Thanks for reading