Meet the artist

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Originally from Ontario Canada, I trained as a graphic artist and designer at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto. After a career in publishing both in Canada and the UK, I completed a Diploma in Stitched Textiles in Britain, fulfilling an early interest in an artistic approach using fabric and stitch.

As part of my research for the course I discovered the textiles and clothing of the Caribou Inuit in Northern Canada and it was this fascination with the Arctic landscape, and these northern people and their traditions that led to a visit to Baker Lake and Rankin Inlet and a series of work called Arctic Expressions.

Photography, art and architecture have also inspired themes in recent work. The places where we live, work and holiday have been explored in Journeys, including diary writings, photos transferred onto cloth - the high rise buildings, churches and holiday homes visited in the last few years.

Another theme, still based on buildings, Within 4 Walls, addresses issues of protection, security, containment and inspiration - how walls can be a haven for some, but a prison for others.

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Endangered forests in the Near North series show how the threat of urban development and pollution has affected the trees we love. Recently my thoughts have drifted back to patterns of ice and icebergs and the continued theme of climate change. My latest work, called Meltdown revisits the blues and greys of the changing landscape of glaciers and their retreat because of global warming. Much of my inspiration came from photos taken in Iceland.

Recently moving to Somerset has inspired new work that explores the 'Levels' and winter flooding, using more black and white mark making and imagery as a starting point for stitch.
Transferring photographs onto cotton, with painted fabric and collage is my favoured technique, but imagery isn't enough. The use of light and shade with machine quilting and stitch are the 'marks' that bring the surface to life. Recent work includes the painting of cloth, paper and manipulated surfaces with wireform.


CV and Exhibitions

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